There is such a job as creating video clips for educational and advertising purposes. Maybe it’s for you.

At Alconost we make 2D and 3D animated clips: trailers for mobile apps and games, clips for websites, training videos, adverts, and teasers for Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. Our clips are professionally voiced by native speakers of more than twenty languages.

You can find examples on our Youtube channel, where we post almost all the clips we make:

Our clients are app and game developers alongside entrepreneurs in the field of IT. They create their projects, and we make video clips to help them promote them.

The work on making a video clip is headed up by a producer. Since these clips are very short, the producer combines a number of different responsibilities: they are simultaneously the scriptwriter, the director, the copywriter, and the project manager.

The producer recruits a sound director, voiceover artists, an animator, an illustrator, and translators to work on a clip. The whole team generally works remotely. The producer communicates with clients by Skype and email.

As a rule, a producer is someone who is pleasant to talk to, with higher education, capable of speaking English fluently and conducting business correspondence in it. They are polite, enjoy helping people, respond quickly to mail and messages, are good at problem-solving and don’t create fresh problems, and aren’t afraid to take responsibility. A sense of style, color, and musical rhythm, and the ability to draw, are important in the job.

Producers need basic skills using an image editor (Adobe Photoshop), sound editors (Audacity, Sound Forge, or others), and video editors (Shotcut, Adobe Premier, or others). An understanding of CSS is an advantage.

That is the kind of person we need right now: either someone with existing experience, or someone prepared to learn it all with our help.

The process of creating video clips at Alconost is standardized and thoroughly described—so if you have a creative frame of mind, you like writing text and working with other people, and you know how to make a Power Point presentation, you’ll be able to learn how to make video clips too.

At Alconost we believe in a work-life balance. There’s a lot of responsible work to do, the amount can vary, but the schedule is flexible. True, you’ll often need to be contactable on weekends and public holidays; but you’ll also have time to spend on your own affairs during the working day. The main thing is getting your priorities in order and not becoming a bottleneck in the process or holding up work on the clips.