At Alconost we localize apps and products into 100+ languages, produce videos and manage multilingual advertising campaigns.
Our clients are businesses that create and sell software, mobile apps and games, including companies like Google, Microsoft, TikTok and others.

We are looking for a Sales Development Representative to join our team.

The Sales Development Representative (SDR) will be a key part of our growth strategy by filling the sales pipeline and setting demos with prospects through a variety of cold outreach channels.

The ideal candidate will be self-driven, knowledgeable about various types of Businesses and will know how to present information clearly and effectively. They should have experience working with a CRM system, building prospect lists using tools like Zoominfo, Sales Navigator and similar, and doing outreach to high-level targets through cold calling, cold emailing, and LinkedIn outreach.


  • At least 1 year of experience in cold/outbound sales outreach
  • Excellent Business English - both verbal and written for crafting effective outreach campaigns aimed at various types of businesses. Fluency in other languages will be an advantage
  • Experience building prospect lists
  • Ability to quickly connect with prospects over the phone and email and set demos
  • High efficiency and volume output
  • A strong desire to learn and constantly improve

Key Responsibilities

  • Researching and building lead lists
  • Qualifying potential leads
  • Reaching out to potential customers via outbound emails and calls
  • Visiting conferences and other events (travel)
  • Lead follow-up
  • Identifying new commercial opportunities and revenue sources
  • Setting phone/video meetings for prospects

What we offer:

  1. Training. Our commitment to staff training and development is unwavering. We have our own unique ways of assessing your potential and helping you develop specific competencies that will make you stand out in the market as a professional. As we explore fresh ideas and venture into new niche areas, we invite you to join a team that embraces change. And we’re excited to empower you on this transformative journey.
  2. Flexible hours and remote work. Alconost strongly supports a healthy work-life balance. There's a lot of demanding work, and the workload can vary, but the schedule is flexible.
  3. Competitive salary. Here at Alconost, the achievements of each individual are plain for all to see. Your salary will grow according to your performance and responsibilities. We're confident that happy, wealthy individuals work better.
  4. Sales commission. Will be calculated and paid based on the volume of new business attracted.
  5. Expense reimbursement. The company covers 50% of the costs for fitness, foreign language classes, professional training, new work equipment, and medical insurance
  6. Contractor agreement with an American company. Independent tax payment.